How its works

Looking for service

What do you need done?

Start by telling us about your service. Mention when and where (in person or online) you need it done, then suggest a fair budget for the service. Post any service you need from cleaning to web design in only two minutes – for free! There’s no obligation to hire.

Choose the best person for you

Take a look at profiles and reviews to pick the best service provider for your task. When you accept an offer, your payment is held securely until the service is complete. Now you can message and call the service provider to sort out the details.

Service completed

With your service request is complete, you just need to release the payment held . Then you’re free to leave a review for the Tservice provider so everyone can know what a great job they’ve done!

For service providers

Working time

Choose the service request that you would like to complete for the people that you’re happy to work with. You’re in control of your own schedule and creating your flexible work-life balance

What type of service are available?

There’s a huge range of services. From home-based tasks such as cleaning, gardening and handyman tasks; to office-based tasks, such as marketing, graphic design and web development tasks. There are also a bunch of interesting tasks as well, for example, wedding help, cake baking or costume making.

A Poster will let you know if the task needs to be completed in person or online

How do I get paid?

You can start working on your serivce knowing that your payment has been secured with us from the customer. When you complete the task and request payment, the Poster will be notified to release the task payment. This is then securely transferred to your nominated bank account.

We automatically deducts a service fee when the payment is released to include variable transactional costs

Who will I be working with?

You’re your own boss, so it’s totally up to you! When browsing services request, you can look at the customer’s profile and past reviews to see if you would like to help them.

Can I get service request alerts?

 Set up alerts in your account settings and we’ll let you know when any new service request appear that match your interests.

How do I get assigned to a service request?

Here’s a few tips to dramatically increase your chances of getting assigned. When you make an offer, make sure you say why you’d be great for the task. Also, spruce up your profile by filling all the categories and getting as many badge verifications as you can customer’s love full profiles!