Storis introduces updated eStoris 4.2.1.

Big changes are here in the new eStoris E-commerce Platform 4.2.1 release. Many enhancements have been made to win over retailers and customers alike, including Soft Kits in Product Families and online bill pay updates. Other significant enhancements to the backend system architecture optimize website performance.

The top requested idea on the eStoris Product Suggestion Portal is delivered in 4.2.1. Soft Kits in Product Families enables efficient web inventory management. The eStoris inventory feature, Product Families, enables a product to be altered directly from that product’s page through drop-down menus. The customer can choose from predefined options for attributes such as size, comfort level and color. Now Product Families can be applied to products sold as Soft Kits. Soft Kits are merchandise collections sold in bundles. A customer can select a Product Family attribute that will be applied to the entire kit. For example, if a customer is browsing the modern dining collection and wants the wood finish attribute to be dark walnut, eStoris will update the Soft Kit’s SKU to reflect that finish across all products in the collection. Loading the Soft Kit configuration behind the scenes allows the retailer to sell various product options from a single page while providing a streamlined experience for the customer.

Another major eStoris 4.2.1 enhancement expands the online bill pay portal for in-house financing. Retailers can now control settings related to the minimum monthly payment, default payment and payoff amounts. From the portal, customers can view their open contracts, due dates, balances, current amount due and final payoff amounts. A Minimum Payment button, as well as a Pay in Full button, make payment options easy. For customers with multiple financing contracts, they can select which specific contract to make payments towards in eStoris.

Additionally, in 4.2.1, retailers can now set different web store location pricing for products across their various web domains. For example, if a retailer has its core brand website and an outlet website, they can set different prices for the same product to show on the various web stores. This also applies to the Storis Kiosk, which can display different prices per store location on the in-store Kiosk.

4.2.1 also integrates eStoris to Mailchimp, another popular request. This certified integration allows retailers to sync their eStoris customers to Mailchimp to manage email marketing campaigns. Further, whether the customer opted into marketing will be reflected.

Finally, on the performance side, its all about enhancing backend programming for the best user experience. The eStoris 4.2.1 upgrade includes faster processing of product catalogs, images and discount calculations. Restructuring of code, faster system caching, AJAX top menu load, and minification of HTML, JavaScript and CSS all come together to deliver a better user experience.

“We are most excited to bring highly voted on ideas from our client base to eStoris 4.2.1., says Peter Dressler, product manager for eStoris. “Their voice and insights are valuable to the growth of the eStorisplatform.”

The eStoris 4.2.1 release is available today and will be rolled out to clients over the next few weeks. It will also on display at High Point Market in the HFA Retailer Resource Center. To learn more, visit 


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