A closer look at exterior paint trends

As warmer weather moves in, people are starting to focus on their outdoor areas again, and that means updating it for the current season. One way many people are updating their outdoor space is with the addition of a fresh coat of paint.

With this in mind, experts at Benjamin Moore provide a few key insights about color inspiration and other general paint trends for outdoor spaces:

Color Inspiration

A fresh coat of exterior paint can boost a home’s curb appeal and the value of a home, but selecting the right colors can be daunting. Hannah Yeo, color and design expert at Benjamin Moore, offers few tips on how to narrow down the choices.

  • When selecting the best colors for the outside of your home, look for hues that are already established. The color of the roof, stone or brick can be your starting point. For example, if you have red brick, complement it with a warm neutral or create contrast with a navy blue or a soft green. Landscaping can be another point of inspiration. Whether you want to blend in or stand out, work with your surrounding palette to create a natural flow.
  • Light and climate can also guide people to choose colors for the exterior of a home. Take note of the direction of the sunlight. The stronger the sunlight, the lighter the color will appear. Homes in warmer climates should opt for mid to lighter colors. Darker colors absorb light, which can heat up the painted surfaces, causing the color to fade faster.
  • Some of the most popular colors for painting the home’s exterior from Benjamin Moore include Wedgewood Gray HC-146, Stonington Gray HC-170, November Rain 2142-60, Boston Brick 2092-30 and White Diamond 2121-60.

General Trends

Yeo says that in the last few years, Benjamin Moore has seen a steadily growing interest in dark colors for exteriors, with black being an unexpected yet dramatic and popular choice. This trend of choosing more non-traditional or daring options for homes’ exteriors appears to be growing as homeowners are exposed to so many images and sources of inspiration right at their fingertips.

“While painting homes in deep colors such as black, charcoal or navy may continue, this is likely to be more popular regionally since a black home will absorb a considerable amount of heat from the sun,” Yeo says. “Parts of the world where black homes have been the norm for many years have made this selection for practical reasons, as opposed to being ‘trendy.’ If painting an entire house black is too much of a commitment, the exterior of the home offers other opportunities to bring deep colors into the mix. A closer look at exterior paint trends

“Creative use of exterior can be found in regional traditions, as well,” she continues. “Blue porch ceilings have been a long-standing tradition in many parts of the Southern states for centuries. A soft blue hue, also known as ‘haint blue,’ is believed to ward off evil spirits, while others believe the blue ceiling keeps bugs away. Blue porches aren’t exclusive to southern states, as they have made their way north over generations.”

Yeo offers these Benjamin Moore colors to achieve this look: Palladian Blue HC-144, Artic Blue 2050-60, Yarmouth Blue HC-150 and Clear Skies 2054-70. Pair them with Cloud White OC-130, a creamy white trim to draw eyes up to the ceiling.

Exterior paint trends are constantly changing, but it’s important for everyone in the casual industry to know what’s in now. It could help you make a sale and even give you a better idea what future furnishings trends will look like.

Source: http://www.casualliving.com/rss/53-garden-decor/

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